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Cyclemic Headset Microphone

The Cyclemic headset microphone by Aeromic is the world's only sweat resistant head worn mic made just for spinning and cycling instructors.

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Outstanding advantages at a glance:

  • Used daily in over 10,000 clubs worldwide
  • Superior natural sound quality
  • 12 month guarantee against "sweat death"
  • 100% serviceable, sweat resistant construction
  • As used at Aerobic Conventions everywhere
  • Light weight and comfortable
  • Helps protect against voice damage
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Cyclemic was designed by the makers of the aerobics industry standard Aeromic for the competitive world of group fitness, where we know you push yourself to the limit every day. But health and safety must always come first.

The cyclemic is an orange and black Aeromic reshaped with a "J" curve at the end to help drain the sweat away from the capsule. This greatly assists Cycling Class Instructors who tend to keep their heads in a fixed, leaning forward position and don't have the freedom of other group fitness program Instructors to move about and "aerate" the mic capsule as they move.

Same price - same great Aeromic quality with the unbreakable all steel cable - only this time we've bent the end for you! The Cyclemic is only available in the H or round the back of the head fitting style. Guaranteed for 12 months against sweat damage even when used for up to 5 (60 minute) Group Cycling Classes a day, 7 days a week in the first 52 weeks. Needs to be connected to a Wireless Transmitter/Receiver set.

With increasing demand for larger class sizes and heavy schedules, the risk of voice damage is very real.

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The spinning headset microphone that takes the load off your voice

An inferior headset microphone system or none at all could do more than damage your performance and reputation. You could damage your throat by straining your vocal chords over long periods.

At best that can mean taking time off while your voice recovers. At worst it can mean surgery to remove throat nodules.

Cyclemic is the superior head worn microphone specifically designed for the fitness industry.

Itlooks good too with its unique miniature mike capsule that produces excellent sound quality, making good voice projection easier. And that can take a lot of stress and strain off your voice, especially when teaching high sweat classes like spinning or stationary cycling.

Ultimate sweat resistant construction

Cyclemic is also the most reliable spinning mic available with its world famous, sweat resistant construction. It features an orange mic boom arm that has been reshaped to suit the constant downward angle of Studio Cycling Instructors heads while teaching and offers better sweat protection against "swamp outs" (when it just rains sweat out there!).

Four years of research and development including extensive prototype testing by leading fitness instructors has resulted in a mic system that is the pinnacle of sweat resistant technology. Thanks to rugged cables and plug connections, it stands up to the hardest work load you can throw at it - 7 classes a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. The good news is it is now compatible with many different brands of transmitter like Chiayo, RFX, Shure, Nady, Samson, Telex, Audio Technica and Vega. Others like Trantec, Beyer, and AKG may be converted to be compatible by our distributors' trained technicians for a small additional charge.

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